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Contemporary performing arts association

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Bojan Jablanovec
phone: +386 41 389 284

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Špela Trošt
phone: +386 51 360 735

Via Negativa
Na Peči 12
1000 Ljubljana

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The theatre of Via Negativa 2002 – 2012


Published by Maska Ljubljana 2012
The book is in Eanglish language

Edited by Bojan Jablanovec
The accompanying essay: Blaž Lukan
Photographs: Marcandrea
Design: Žare Kerin
Price: 39,00 €

The “explosion of memory” of all excessive and transgressive acts of Via Negativa; the memory of nudity, blood, sweat and urine that permeated contemporary Slovenian and European performing arts scene thanks to Via Negative performers in the period 2001 – 2011. As a form of artistic expression, excess is a performing strategy that has significantly marked the work of Via Negativa. However, transgressive acts, nudity, provocation, shock, etc. in their projects have never served as cheap means for attracting media attention. Quite the opposite, they are well-considered strategies used by Via Negativa to provide viewers an unexpected insight into the paradoxical, often almost perverse position that the performing arts creators/viewers have within the contemporary industry of pleasure. The book is documentation of 29 performances, which were created in the period 2002 – 2011. It contains 171 photographs with concise concepts and quotes from performances accompanied by Blaž Lukan’s essay Erasing the Audience, which systematically analyzes the development of performing strategies with a focus on establishing the relation with an audience. The book also contains the full text of performance by Katarina Stegnar and Bojana Kunst after which it takes its name, and the conversation with the group conducted by Marin Blažević.

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Via Negativa 2002 – 2008


Published by Maska Ljubljana 2010
The book in Slovene language

Edited by Marin Blažević
Essays and studies: Blaž Lukan, Florian Malzacher, Nataša Goverdić, Una Bauer, Annalisa Sacchi, Bojana Kunst
Price: 19,00 €

The No brings an extensive reflection on one of the most interesting performing arts projects in the last decade, Via Negativa. The project that opened many questions of contemporary performing arts and, in a radical way, introduced into the theatre elements of performance art and body art received great affirmation in Slovenia and abroad. Via Negativa managed to make the theme of the seven deadly sins a theme of contemporary theatre and at the same time address numerous questions: an implicit and explicit metaperformative and metatheatrical dialogue into which the performers and authors enter with historical poetics or concrete performance art works (body art and autobiographical performance); the testing of the effects of the performing arts performative, the staging of theory (of theatre, performance art, etc.); the interaction between the performers and the spectators at seemingly opposing sides of the performance situation; the strategy of the politicalness of the performance; the contextualisation of aesthetics, ethics and work policies…

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