Naked presence

Gallery installation of five solo performances

“Today, there is no longer any “ontological” difference between making art and displaying art. In the context of contemporary art, to make art is to show things as art.” (Boris Groys, Politics of Installation, e-flux journal #2, 01/2009) Gallery performance Naked Presence is about displaying live presence. We use a gallery space as a set up for installation of of five solo performances. Naked Presence is not about naked bodies, although they are dominant in the performances. Nakedness is just another mask of presence – it is not enough to take clothes off, each performer has to find the way how to unmask his own presence. Naked presence therefore treats a performance as a process of creating an artifact. Each performer exhibits the trails/leftovers of his/her presence as the artifact.

In Düsseldorf performance took place in the context of current Kunsthalle exhibition entitled “Real Presence” which presented works by artists that made explicit reference to Marcel Broodthaers. When Broodthaers presented his installation Musée d’Art Moderne, Département des Aigles at the Düsseldorf Kunsthalle in 1970, he put up a sign next to each exhibit saying: “This is not a work of art.” With Naked Presence we would like to add: “This is not a work of art. This is work of presence.”

Extract Mandić
Pure performance
Viva Mandić
Spotlight on me
Interview with an artist

Concept: Bojan Jablanovec
Conceived and performed by Marko Mandić, Jaka Lah, Barbara Kukovec, Kristian Al Droubi. Guidance through installation: Katarina Stegnar. Interview with Kristian Al Droubi: Christoph Rech.
Production: Via Nova performances produced by Via Negativa and supported by Ministry of Culture of RS and the City of Ljubljana. Collective presentation Naked Presence as a part of the project Via Nova via FFT Düsseldorf produced by FFT Düsseldorf and supported by Kunststiftung NRW as a part of “Exposed – Grenzen der Schaulust.”
Producer: Špela Trošt
Technical director: Igor Remeta
Venue and date: Kunsthalle Düsseldorf, 19 November 2010 as part of Via FFT Düsseldorf program (pdf)
Duration: 3,5 hours