Four Deaths

Who must we kill for the love of the audience?

Like Bible’s Cain and Abel compete for god’s love, performers compete for the love of the audience. In theatre, the audience is god, and on stage or behind it we constantly switch the roles of Cain and Abel. In our story on envy we asked: who is our Abel? Four performers set up phantasms of their dying of four big names of the European performing arts world (Pina Bausch, Tim Etchells, La Ribot, Marina Abramović) and erasure them from the stage of contemporary performing arts.

“The Salieri syndrome, brought to extreme consequence.”(ARTEATRO CONTAMINAZIONI, 27.11.07)
“…a total removal of all elements unnecessary for the clarity of the message.”(GAZZETA DI MODENA, 17.10.07)
“Finally, someone dares say it out loud and with no restrictions: the Audience is god!”(RADIO STUDENT LJUBLJANA, 6.10.07)